I’ll Do It Tomorrow

About how many times have you told yourself this? Be honest, does it ever get done?

I must tell myself that I’ll work out later about 50 times a day. Then when the time comes, I make up a series of unrealistic excuses in my head for why I can’t do it. I remember reading somewhere that losing weight is 80% mental and 20% physical. 80%!!!! That is huge! We’re stopping ourselves from losing weight in our minds. The whole struggle is getting out the door to go on that walk, or drive to the gym, or to sit and relax with some yoga. Once we do however, the rest is easy.

As for me, well I haven’t been taking my own advice. However, tonight I make this promise to myself: I am going to work out tonight. No excuses.

Keep calm and stay motivated. Love, Mimi.


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