Not Your Typical Cheerleader

Personally, I don’t know what you think of when you hear the word “cheerleader. ” There are tons of movies and shows that seem to glorify the sport, and make you seem to think that all cheerleaders are flyers, can do backflips and handsprings, wear tiny uniforms and are stick thin. And Hollywood also tends to make you think that all high school teams are of the same talent as all star squads.

Thing is, though, while some teams that meet these expectations do exist, it is completely the opposite at my high school. The cheerleading squad is hated here. We have three different squads: football, basketball, and wrestling. I would say that the football cheerleaders are regarded as the worst. Students can be pretty harsh, in their opinions. Let me explain; I once overheard a conversation in which a pretty flirty freshman football cheerleader was conversing with a group of like six guys. One of them then asked her why she was the only “hot cheerleader” on the team. While I have never done football cheerleading in my life, it was still like taking a bullet. 🔫

It’s the little things and comments like that that get to you. They tend to chip away at your insides, and while you tell yourself “who cares what they think” you subconsciously go back to that repeatedly in times you feel insecure. 😔

Just in case no one has told you yet today that you’re beautiful, here it is. You. Are. Beautiful. You are stronger than you will ever know. 💪While I’m on my weight loss journey (I lost 2 pounds!) you should go on a journey with me. A journey of getting to know your wonderful self on the inside.

Here’s your homework✏️📓: write down on a piece of paper five good things about yourself (personality or physical characteristics) and comment them on this post.

Keep calm and stay motivated. Love, Mimi. 💋